Fadesa Polnord

FADESA POLNORD Ltd, with the headquarters in Warsaw offers:

  • the combined forces of leaders in the field of property development: Spanish company MARTINSA-FADESA, and Polish company POLNORD
  • a guarantee of maintaining the highest building standards
  • a flexible repayment system, according to clients’ requirements
  • a complete service before, during and after the sale of the property

MARTINSA-FADESA is among the leaders in the field of property development in Europe, in which it has been operating for over 25 years. The company enjoys the highest geographical and product diversity. Its diversified investment model, thoroughly considered development strategy and innovative sales system have brought about impressive results for the company. Since 2004 MARTINSA-FADESA has had one of the best stock exchange quotations. Currently its activities cover 15 countries: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Romania, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, France, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Great Britain and Germany.

POLNORD SA is one of the most experienced companies in the Polish property development market, with a history going back to 1977. Effective management and constant development have secured successive years of prosperity for the company. Since 2007 the company has been quoted in the prestigious group WIG 20 (Warsaw Stock Exchange Index 20) of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Ostoja Wilanów is the first project realised by Fadesa Polnord in Poland. Soon it will be joined by others, Osiedle Innova in Wrocław and Villa Botanica in Powsin. 


the housing estate plan
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